I first started blogging about latches and some of the deeper parts of SQL Server internals last year (see Advanced performance troubleshooting: waits, latches, spinlocks) and now I'd like to pick up that thread (no scheduling pun intended :-)) and blog some more about some of the common latches that could be a performance bottleneck.

To that end, I've got some code below (plus example output) that will show the most common latch waits that have occurred on your system.

WITH Latches AS
        wait_time_ms / 1000.0 AS WaitS,
        waiting_requests_count AS WaitCount,
        100.0 * wait_time_ms / SUM (wait_time_ms) OVER() AS Percentage,
        ROW_NUMBER() OVER(ORDER BY wait_time_ms DESC) AS RowNum
    FROM sys.dm_os_latch_stats
    WHERE latch_class NOT IN (
    AND wait_time_ms > 0

    W1.latch_class AS LatchClass,
    CAST (W1.WaitS AS DECIMAL(14, 2)) AS Wait_S,
    W1.WaitCount AS WaitCount,
    CAST (W1.Percentage AS DECIMAL(14, 2)) AS Percentage,
    CAST ((W1.WaitS / W1.WaitCount) AS DECIMAL (14, 4)) AS AvgWait_S
FROM Latches AS W1
    ON W2.RowNum <= W1.RowNum
WHERE W1.WaitCount > 0
GROUP BY W1.RowNum, W1.latch_class, W1.WaitS, W1.WaitCount, W1.Percentage
HAVING SUM (W2.Percentage) – W1.Percentage < 95; — percentage threshold

LatchClass                        Wait_S  WaitCount  Percentage  AvgWait_S
——————————— ——- ———- ———– ———-
LOG_MANAGER                       221.43  4659       45.81       0.0475
ACCESS_METHODS_HOBT_VIRTUAL_ROOT  199.56  7017       41.28       0.0284
FGCB_ADD_REMOVE                   35.17   1047       7.27        0.0336
DBCC_OBJECT_METADATA              26.85   256490     5.55        0.0001

I'd like you to run the code and send me the output (either as a comment or in email). I'll collate all your output and do some blogging for your enjoyment.