Way back in 2016 I wrote a post trying to find out why people were not using Extended Events.  See, I really like Extended Events, and I’d been presenting on the topic for several years, but I kept running into people who wouldn’t even try XE.  There were also a lot of individuals who declared they were “Profiler for Life”.  Ok, but I wanted to understand why.

I find myself asking people the same question now about Query Store. I’ve presented a lot of sessions on the topic, with the primary goal of teaching people how to use Query Store.  As such, most of the people in my sessions are not using Query Store.  As an example, if I have 30 people in a session, typically only 25-30% are running SQL Server 2016 or higher.  And of those 7 to 10 people, maybe 2 to 5 are using Query Store.  Does that mean that only 5%-15% of SQL Server users are using Query Store?  No.  I have no idea how many people who are running SQL Server 2016 or higher are using Query Store.  I’m pretty sure Microsoft doesn’t have an accurate number either, except for Azure SQL Database.  Query Store is turned on for nearly all 2 million user databases on Azure SQL Database.

So the primary purpose of this post is to provide a place (the comments) for people to share why they are not using Query Store.  I’m very interested in hearing this information, so please share!  And please comment even if it’s the same as what someone else has written.

In addition, if you don’t know much about Query Store but want to get started because you’re running SQL Server 2016 or higher (or are looking to upgrade), I’ve included some links below to help you get started.  Some links are for documentation or blog posts, but if you’re not a believer of RTFM 🙂 , there are also links to my Pluralsight courses (requires a subscription) and an introductory session I’ve given (free).  If you have questions not answered in a post or video, let me know this in the comments as well!

Lastly, I’ve had multiple questions related to the performance impact of enabling Query Store.  This is a great question – look for a post next week that provides more detail.  But until then, please let me know why you’re not using Query Store, and thanks for reading!