Hash Partitioning with SQL Server 2012’s SEQUENCE object and CYCLE argument

When I first heard about SQL Server 2012’s SEQUENCE object – I thought it was an interesting feature to be added and one that I have been asked about by customers in the past (from those who had worked on different database platforms).  But when I looked at the CYCLE argument of SEQUENCE, that’s when […]

When is the Publication Access List required?

Update: ** Make sure to check out the comments at the end of this post.  There are some interesting differences in behavior between transactional replication (pull/push subscribers) versus merge replication's behavior.  **  Yesterday I was working on implementing transactional replication with the goal of limiting the permissions each replication account ran under.  I created three […]

A small-scale test measuring the impact of data compression on the transaction log

I received a question today about the impact of data compression on the transaction log.  While most of the time we talk about data compression from a data page and memory utilization perspective, I hadn’t actually directly tested the impact to transaction logging and I wanted to see it for myself.  Here is just a […]

SQLSaturday 104 recap and an update on how the new job is going

My first SQLSaturday (104) experience was a great one.  I got a chance to meet many new people (speakers, organizers and attendees), reunite with several others who I’ve met in previous contexts and also map Twitter handles to “real life” people.   In addition to socializing with folks, I also got a chance to watch […]