We can handle the truth

Today I attended the MCM call with Microsoft Learning (MSL). I won’t get personal here, because in spite of everything, I do imagine that the folks in MSL are under quite a bit of stress right now (yes – so is the community, but more on that later).  I myself remember getting chewed out back […]

Off-Topic PSA: Beware of Cramming

Unrelated to cramming for certification exams, but back in March I started getting strange text messages in the middle of the night – sometimes multiple times a night.  The texts varied between celebrity gossip and animal trivia.  For example: “Lindsay Lohan’s dad, Michael Lohan, and girlfriend Kate Major are expecting their first child together. For […]

VirtualBox Script to Batch Save and Start Multiple Guests

I use Windows 7 as my laptop host OS and this limits me from using Hyper-V natively to handle VM guests.   Yes, I could do the dual-boot thing, but I haven’t done it yet and I do like the simplicity of not having to switch host OS contexts.  Windows 8 will, thankfully, be adding […]

SQLSaturday 104 recap and an update on how the new job is going

My first SQLSaturday (104) experience was a great one.  I got a chance to meet many new people (speakers, organizers and attendees), reunite with several others who I’ve met in previous contexts and also map Twitter handles to “real life” people.   In addition to socializing with folks, I also got a chance to watch […]