Exceptions–what sys.dm_db_index_usage_stats doesn’t tell you (Part II)

Last November I blogged about how index usage stats don’t get updated when the associated index statistics (but not index) are used. This post will describe another scenario that you should be aware of (the topic came up today in class while Kimberly was teaching – as we were trying to recall tricks to clearing […]

Partitions Accessed and Partition Range in the Query Execution Plan

Let’s say you are querying a partitioned table and you would like to see which partitions were accessed by looking at the graphical execution plan: “Actual Partition Count” shows a value of 1 and “Actual Partitions Accessed” shows a value of 50.  The “Actual Partitions Accessed” property name could cause confusion though, since what you’re actually looking […]

Answering Questions with the AlwaysOn Dashboard

The word “dashboard” immediately puts me into a state of suspicion. This is probably because I’ve been a part of the corporate world for 18 years now and, fair or not, the word “dashboard” gives me flashbacks of executive conversations where I’m asked to summarize complicated information into a single square – while somehow defying […]