Transactional Replication Publications and Availability Groups

Books Online documents a few scenarios regarding Replication and Availability Group interoperability.  Today I tested out the process detailed here: Configure Replication for AlwaysOn Availability Groups (SQL Server) It worked as advertised and I tested this on a five replica AG topology with three synchronous replicas (including the primary) and two asynchronous replicas.  I won’t […]

Replication Extended Events, Not a Tool in your Toolbox (Yet)

There are already a number of data sources you can reference when investigating replication issues.  One data source on my wish list was to have a one-stop shop in Extended Events similar to the AlwaysOn Health Session. It turns out that SQL Server 2012 does have a few new replication related events, but don’t get […]

Capturing Transient Query Plan Changes

I had a recent consulting engagement where a query had unpredictable performance on an isolated test environment.  I had two initial questions: – What were the wait stats associated with the unpredictable query? – What did the query execution plan look like in the “good” versus “bad” condition? To address the query wait stats question, […]

SQL Server 2012’s Information on Parallel Thread Usage

SQLServerCentral published an article today that I wrote about SQL Server 2012’s execution plan parallel thread usage statistics: SQL Server 2012’s Information on Parallel Thread Usage The new thread statistics show information on the number of concurrent execution paths within an execution plan, the count of used threads and also the count of reserved threads […]

New course: “SQL Server: Transact-SQL Basic Data Retrieval”

Today I learned that the video course I’ve been working on these last two months has been published on Pluralsight: SQL Server: Transact-SQL Basic Data Retrieval The general description from Pluralsight of this course is as follows: “If you need to retrieve data from a SQL Server database then you need to know how to […]