Documenting Availability Group PBM Conditions

There doesn’t seem to be much documentation out on the web regarding the AlwaysOn Availability Group policies and associated conditions that come with SQL Server 2012, so I thought I would aggregate / organize some of the condition logic here for reference-sake…  Also – looking at conditions in SSMS, you’ll see that for some conditions […] “The Case of the Cardinality Estimate Red Herring”

My fourth guest blog post was published today on The Case of the Cardinality Estimate Red Herring This was inspired by a case that Erin Stellato and I worked together on a few months ago. While I’ve talked quite a bit this year about the importance of investigating bad cardinality estimates, this blog post […]

Data Page Count Influence on the Query Execution Plan

In my post Row and Page Count Influence on Estimated CPU and I/O Cost I demonstrated how I/O cost of a clustered index scan had sensitivity to page counts but not row counts.  For this post I’ll lay out a direct connection between data page counts and the query execution plan that gets generated. To […]