New Course: “SQL Server: Transactional Replication Fundamentals”

Today Pluralsight published my new course, “SQL Server: Transactional Replication Fundamentals.” This course provides a fundamental overview of how to configure, monitor, tune and troubleshoot a SQL Server transactional replication topology. Transactional replication meets a few specific data distribution requirements that no other native SQL Server feature does out-of-the-box.  Even if you’re not a fan […]

New Article on "Avoid HA/DR Solution Self-Delusion"

My sixth guest blog post was published today on Avoid HA/DR Solution Self-Delusion This article gives a few examples of how we can delude ourselves into thinking that a solution is fully meeting our high availability and disaster recovery requirements.

Control Flow vs. Data Flow Demo

I had an interesting question yesterday in class about query execution plan control flow (from the root of the plan to the leaf level) and data flow (from leaf to root) and thought I would share a small demo I put together over lunch break to walk through the discussion. Let’s start by dropping clean […]