Combining multiple CONTAINS predicates in SQL Server 2012

The SQL Server 2005  “Performance Tuning and Optimization (Full-Text Search)” books online topic has the following recommendation: “Combine multiple CONTAINS predicates into one CONTAINS predicate. In SQL Server you can specify a list of columns in the CONTAINS query.” While this shows up for the SQL Server 2005 topic, there is no such statement made […]

Finding a Deadlocked SQL Server Agent Job Name

Short and simple post – filed under “Joe – you’ve already forgotten about this twice, so write this down somewhere.” Let’s say you have deadlock output that shows the following information for the “clientapp” attribute: clientapp=SQLAgent – TSQL JobStep (Job 0xB813B96C59E6004CA8CD542D8A431A2E : Step 1) Based on this output, we know a SQL Server Agent Job […]