Today Pluralsight published my new course, “SQL Server: Database Creation, Configuration, and Alteration”.

This is a demo-centric, short course on how to how to use T-SQL to create and configure databases, files, and filegroups.  Areas I cover include:

  • How to create a database
  • How to configure files and filegroups
  • Configuration of file settings
  • Configuration of recovery model, security, collation
  • How to create a database snapshot
  • How to support FILESTREAM data
  • Enabling containment
  • Adding, removing and modifying files and filegroups
  • Changing growth options
  • Relocating files
  • Changing logical file names
  • Making a filegroup read-only
  • Modifying compatibility levels, “AUTO” options, access and database state
  • Changing a database to read-only
  • Restricting database access
  • Changing recovery and recovery time options
  • Changing various options like page verification, snapshot isolation, ANSI settings
  • Enabling change tracking
  • Enabling Transparent Data Encryption
  • Changing security and Service Broker options
  • Changing containment settings

There are now 29 courses from the SQLskills team as of today and much more to come.