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  1. LondonDBA
    April 21, 2014

    Hi Joe – thanks for this great CE white paper. I just wanted to check a couple of things:
    In the section under ‘New CE Troubleshooting Methods’, ‘Changing the Database Compatibility Level’ it states ‘You enable the new CE by reverting to a database compatibility level below 120.’ I’m assuming the ‘enable’ should be ‘disable’.
    And also in the section mentioning ‘Table Variables’ it states ‘Unless a statement-level recompilation occurs, table variables assume a fixed, single-row cardinality estimate for filter and row predicates’. Should that very last bit read ‘filter and join predicates’ ?

    Great reference when we’re switching over to SQL 2014. Thanks again.

    • Joseph Sack
      April 21, 2014

      Thanks for the feedback!

      And you are correct – someone emailed me regarding the “enable” / “disable” correction and I’ve submitted it to MSFT (might take until May for that change to go in, but thank you for letting me know).

      And the second correction is one that someone hasn’t caught – so good catch! That should indeed read “filter and join predicates”.

      Thanks again for letting me know!

      Best Regards,


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