Today, Pluralsight published my latest course, “SQL Server: Common Query Tuning Problems and Solutions – Part 2“.  Part two is 2 hours and 17 minutes long and covers the following:

Troubleshooting Inefficiency

  • Demo: One-Row-At-A-Time-Processing
  • Demo: The Forgotten Trigger
  • Demo: Scalar Function Inhibited Parallelism
  • Demo: Scalar Function Row by Row Execution
  • Demo: Too Few Rows Per Batch
  • Demo: Not Using TOP When You Can
  • Demo: Unnecessary Many-To-Many
  • Demo: Excessive Fragmentation and Scans

Tuning OLTP vs. DSS Patterns

  • Defining OLTP and DSS
  • OLTP Characteristics
  • Demo: Stop-And-Go Operators
  • Demo: Finding Timeout-Prone Queries
  • Demo: Over-Indexing
  • Demo: OLTP and Parallelism
  • Demo: OLTP and Deep Trees
  • DSS Characteristics
  • Demo: Expanding the AdventureWorksDW2012 Database
  • Demo: Unwanted Serial Plans
  • Demo: Gatekeeper Row Issue – Part 1
  • Demo: Gatekeeper Row Issue – Part 2
  • Demo: Gatekeeper Row Issue – Part 3
  • Demo: Aggregation Queries and Columnstore Index Opportunities
  • Demo: Distinct Aggregation Issue

Advanced Query Tuning Patterns

  • Demo: New-Feature Abuse
  • Demo: Recursive CTE Estimate Skews
  • Demo: Seeks, Scans, Predicates, and Filters – Part 1
  • Demo: Seeks, Scans, Predicates, and Filters – Part 2
  • Demo: Seeks, Scans, Predicates, and Filters – Part 3
  • Demo: Unmatched Indexes
  • Demo: Disused Filtered Statistics
  • Demo: Interpreting RetrievedFromCache
  • Demo: Amplification and Distinct Value Counts
  • Demo: Join Hints and Forced Order
  • Demo: CTEs vs. Derived Tables
  • Demo: One Procedure With Multiple Optional Input Parameters
  • Demo: Procedure Sub-Branching
  • Demo: Verifying Instance Workload Complexity

And if you are new to Pluralsight or considering a subscription, be sure to review the ever-growing course catalog from the entire SQLskills team!