Recap: SQLSaturday #149

Yesterday’s SQLSaturday #149 (Minnesota) was most excellent.  A few comments/observations/recaps:

  • The event was extremely well organized and professional – while still managing to maintain a regional, relaxed atmosphere across 400+ attendees.  The organizers did an absolutely incredible job and should be proud of themselves.  There were several folks involved, and plenty of “orange shirts” walking around helping people throughout the day.  Hopefully they are all sleeping (Paul Timmerman in particular).
  • Lots of great sessions to pick from, and as always, it was hard to choose.
  • I got my first opportunity to present “Resolving Cardinality Estimate Issues” and I also facilitated an informal “Lunch-on-a-Stick” query tuning and indexing discussion, facilitated along with Ted Krueger.  We were going to do separate sessions, but we were sharing the same room and it just seemed like a better idea to combine forces.  It worked out well.
  • I got a chance to meet a ton of new people and also folks I knew only in digital-form, but hadn’t yet met in person.  Lot’s of familiar faces and old friends too.

Lastly, I just finished uploading my deck from my session yesterday, “Resolving Cardinality Estimate Issues”.  I’ll be expanding this out into a Pluralsight course in the future – as there is plenty more to discuss and demonstrate, and 75 minutes is really just a start…

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