2008 Conferences: TechEd EMEA, SQL Connections, PASS Community Summit


September, October, and November are going to be a whirlwind this year – after 3 weeks in the UK and Ireland in September, teaching and the San Francisco Power Workshop in October, we have three back-to-back conference weeks in Barcelona, Las Vegas, and back to Seattle! Hey – who booked that schedule?!?!?! Well, at least it helps us keep our top frequent-flyer status on United :-)

Here’s the line-up – see our Upcoming Events page for all the abstracts (including those from Bob Beauchemin and Stacia Misner too).

TechEd EMEA IT Pro, November 3-7, Barcelona, Spain

  • We’re still working with the TechEd team to finalize the content we’ll be delivering but it’s looking like the same three sessions from TechEd US, plus a bunch of new ones and Instructor-Led-Labs
  • Sessions (at least):
    • Are Your Indexing Strategies Working?
    • Corruption Survival Techniques: From Detection to Recovery
    • Essential Database Maintenance

SQL Server Connections Fall, November 9-14, Las Vegas, USA

  • This is the second of the twice-yearly SQL Connections conferences that Kimberly and I Co-Chair
  • Workshops:
    • November 9: Pre-pre-con: Database Best Practices for the Involuntary DBA
    • November 10: Pre-con: Relational Data Warehousing: Leveraging Key Features of SQL Server 2005/2008
  • Sessions:
    • Index Internals and Usage
    • Essential Database Maintenance
    • DBCC CHECKDB: The Definitive Guide
    • Follow the Rabbit: Interactive Q&A on Database Maintenance

PASS Community Summit 2008, November 17-21, Seattle, USA

  • As unbelievable as this may be, I’ve *never* been to PASS before, even in the few times it was in Seattle – something always conflicted. Kimberly hasn’t been since 2005 so it’ll be cool for us both to be there this year.
  • Workshop:
    • November 18: Database Maintenance: From Planning to Practice to Post-Mortem
  • Spotlight Session:
    • Corruption Survival Techniques: From Detection to Recovery


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