3D printing to help healthcare workers

You may not know that Tim and I are both into 3D printing in a big way. You’ll definitely know that there’s a big shortage of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) right now across the world. Because of this, many people around the world with 3D printers are helping out by printing masks, parts for face shields, and other things.

Both Tim and I started printing mask straps over the weekend. This is a plastic strap with hooks to attach to the ear loops of face masks. Why? Because wearing a face mask (and maybe one that’s too small because it’s all that’s available) can really hurt the ears of someone who has to wear them through a whole, long shift. The mask strap is a much easier and more comfortable way of alleviating that pressure than something like a paper clip.

I’m printing mask straps that are for use in non-sterile environments and Tim is using material that can be sterilized in an autoclave. We’ve donated about a thousand so far between us.

If you have a 3D printer, you can help too. The STL file is on Thingiverse here and has been approved for use by the US National Institute of Health (see here). Arrange a few of them in your slicer so you can print multiple on each run, and off you go. There may be an organized 3D printing group in your area that you can get with, or contact your local healthcare providers/grocery stores/vets/senior living facilities and so on to see if they’re interested.

It’s only a little thing, but Tim and I are both happy to be able to do *something* to help during this horrible time. I’m only posting this here to help make others with 3D printers aware that they can contribute and know you can request these (send me or Tim email).

Here’s a photo showing my two printers (each run takes a few hours to print):

Plus photos of an obstetrics nurse (friend of Tim) who’s already wearing a strap Tim printed over the weekend, so you can see how it works:

Stay safe and healthy out there!

11 thoughts on “3D printing to help healthcare workers

  1. Thank you all for what you are doing to help the cause. I passed this along to one of our customers.

  2. Hi Paul, I am working from home right now, HOWEVER, I have many family members who are nurses and who are truly “on the front lines” – keep up the AWESOME work!!! This is just the kind of innovative thinking – and caring for others thinking – where technology can do so much to assist in fighting back and overcoming this pandemic! Thank you!!!

    1. Prusa Mk2S and a Prusa Mk3S. They ship direct from the Czech Republic and lead time is about 4-5 weeks at the moment. You can get much cheaper ones on Amazon but there are supply issues at the moment. Hit up Radney for details of the ones he just purchased to print more straps.

  3. I do not want to be religious here. But may you and your team be blessed for doing this work. We love you for what you always do especially at this difficult time.

  4. That’s brilliant, Paul. It’s very fortunate that 3D printing has taken off to such an extent that citizens around the world can help with the effort to provide their Health Services with vital parts for PPE.

    Hopefully see you and the rest of the team in London in September.


  5. That’s an awesome job you guys are doing Paul. My better half works in the care industry here in the UK & I know she does complain that certain masks irritate the ears after a long shift.

    Keep up the good work.

  6. Thanks Paul for using your 3D printer for good! And speaking of using idle computer processing power (OK, bad segway) There is another covid related (among other diseases) project that I think lots of SQL geeks with home computers would support if they knew it existed. That’s “Protein Folding” Check out this page and see if you agree: https://foldingathome.org/ I’ve been using my monster 32 core Xeon desktop to support the research while it sits idle every night. Another cool way to “give back”.

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