I have a day off today at SQL Connections while Kimberly and Jonathan educate the crowds about SQL Server 2012. I thought I'd mess around with my camera (we're driving through the Mojave Desert next weekend so have all our gear with us) and see what I could get. We're up on floor 38 of part of the MGM Grand and have a balcony (with a scarily flimsy barrier before a 450 ft drop!). Being this high opens up all kinds of opportunities for cool photos.

Here's a wild fisheye view looking out over the airport. 1/400s at f/16, ISO 320, shooting fully manual with Canon 8-15mm f/4L Fisheye at 10mm and Canon 5D Mark II. Click for a 1572×1048 version (800K).

I love the effects I can get with this lens – I think the contrails look really cool!