Australian classes start next week, and the Fall conferences

We're part-way through the Fall conference season, and in the middle of teaching week 1 of the current Microsoft Certified Master – SQL class. At the weekend we head off to Australia to teach some public classes in Melbourne – last chance to sign up for them!

Here's what we have coming up:

  • October 15-16. Kimberly and I will be teaching a 2-day class "SQL Server 2008: New Features – Updating Your Administrations Skills in Database Infrastructure and Scalability" in Melbourne, Australia
  • October 19-22. I'll be teaching a 4-day class "SQL Server 2005/2008: DB Maintenance and Availability: From Performance to Disaster Recovery" in Melbourne.
  • October 19-22. Kimberly will be teaching a 4-day class "SQL Server 2005/2008: Performance Tuning – From Design to Indexing to Optimizing Procedural Code" in Melbourne.
  • November 2-5. SQL PASS, Seattle: Kimberly and I will be teaching two full-day workshops and a Spotlight Session each.
  • Nobember 9-12: SQL Connections, Las Vegas: Kimberly and I will be teaching two full-day workshops and 5 sessions. Stacia will be teaching 4 sessions on BI.
  • November 5 and 17: Kimberly and I will be teaching a day each of the Microsoft Certified Master – SharePoint class.

You can find more details and links to the various registration sites on our Upcoming Events page.

Hope to see you there!

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