Available for download: Our High-Availability hands-on labs and SQL Server 2008 JumpStart materials

A couple of weeks ago I blogged about the three tracks of the SQL Server 2008 JumpStart course that SQLskills.com taught internally for Microsoft and some MVPs – see here for details. Well, the content is now available to download! Note that this was based on CTP-5 (November 2007 CTP) and there have been *lots* of behavioral changes since then (with more planned for CTP-6 Refresh and RTM), but if you want a high-level overview of a bunch of the features (albeit in bullet-point summaries on slides) then this is a good place to start.

For me, what’s *REALLY* cool is that the site also has a downloadable VPC plus lab manuals for all of the AlwaysOn High-Availability hands-on labs that SQLskills.com wrote. We originally wrote these labs for SQL Server 2005 and I updated them all for CTP-5. The VPC has a long lab on each of the following:

  • Database Snapshots
  • Data Recovery and Preventative Techniques
  • Instant Initialization
  • Peer-to-Peer Replication (including the new Topology Wizard I blogged about here)
  • Table and Index Partitioning
  • Snapshot Isolation
  • Online Operations
  • Database Mirroring (including a demo I wrote of Automatic Page Repair, described here)
  • Service Oriented Database Architecture

There is some great depth in each of these – Kimberly blogged more info about the exercises in each lab here. There’s also another VPC image with some higher-level labs on a variety of 2008 features and written by a number of different people- including some labs on Policy-Based Management and Performance Data Collection that Kimberly wrote.

So – where can you get these from? Go to http://sqlserver2008jumpstart.microsofttraining.com/ and hit the Download link on the right-hand side. Register and then you can get to the materials. The AlwaysOn VPC image is Collection 2 at the bottom of the page, and you’ll see all the slide decks as you scroll down the page.


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  1. How can i view these? i meant when i save this file, with which program i should open this file?


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