(Thanks to David Baffaleuf for pointing this out to me)

Ever wanted to know a bit deeper how memory works in your laptop or servers? This comprehensive series of blog posts will give you a great overview. It's very clearly written and goes very deep. At times it talks about how things show up in the Linux OS, but all the hardware details and concepts (caches, NUMA, etc) translate exactly into our world.

It covers:

  • Part 1 (Introduction to memory)
  • Part 2 (CPU caches)
  • Part 3 (Virtual memory)
  • Part 4 (NUMA systems)
  • Part 5 (What programmers can do – cache optimization)
  • Part 6 (What programmers can do – multi-threaded optimizations)
  • Part 7 (Memory performance tools)
  • Part 8 (Future technologies)
  • Part 9 (Appendices and bibliography)

[Edit: And as Kalen points out in her comment below, you can get the whole thing as a PDF here.]


PS This is something I'll start posting on in the rest of the year too, as far as SQL Server is concerned.