Since the start of the year we've been inundated with consulting and auditing requests, which is a good sign for the recovery from the economic effect on the IT industry over the last few years. Unfortunately Kimberly and I just don't scale, so while we've worked with many people this year on their SQL Server problems, a few times we've had to pass on the opportunity to work with others because we've constantly been running at capacity.

Over the last few months we've been looking around for another top-notch SQL consultant to come work with us so we can help out more companies – a hard task as many of the best people are already happily entrenched in their jobs. Then, as luck would have it, we happened to be talking to Brent a few weeks ago on unrelated matters and discovered that we actually had the same goals and we fit together perfectly!

We got to know Brent well during the MCM class we taught back in March, and we were both very impressed with his technical skills – he's also one of the few people to pass the MCM course on the first attempt. And of course, he's a huge community guy like we are, and blogs and tweets, and is very approachable, and loves helping people… so we jumped at the chance to bring Brent on board as Principal Consulting Partner.

We are *extremely* pleased and excited that Brent accepted and will be starting with us from July 12th.

Brent brings a wealth of DBA and consulting experience to (specializing on storage, virtualization, performance tuning, and design) and is very well-known and highly-respected in the global SQL community. He will be full-time working with clients, training, blogging and all the other things you've come to expect from Kimberly and I – with the same high level of quality and dedication. We'll be collaborating on customer work and doing training events together – look for more Immersion events starting in 2011 – and he'll be putting in a guest appearance at our upcoming Immersion Event in WA in August (see here for details).

Brent will be reachable at and he will be blogging his technical content on as well as continuing with his personal blog on

You can read Brent's blog post about joining by clicking here.

Of course, this means we have increased capacity for working with customers – so drop us a line and let us know how we can help you. Full details of our services can be found at

Finally, a huge welcome Brent – there are good times ahead!