Busy week coming up at the 2009 PASS Summit

It's PASS time again in Seattle and we've got a busy week lined up. It's going to be a cavalcade of meeting new people, and in the best tradition of conferences past, I'll do my best to remember most people's names who I met last year but please don't be offended if I don't, give me a prod in the right direction :-) Best bet for having me remember is to have something brightly colored on show: Jason has vivid red hair, Denny has partly bright blue hair, Brent has big green fists, and Thomas has off-color blog posts. My brightly-colored attire will include a tall blonde woman next to me most of the time.

Here's what we have definitely on the schedule so far:

  • Our pre-con workshop on Monday
  • Playing in the welcome reception Quiz Bowl Monday night
  • Birds of a Feather lunch on Tuesday. I'm doing "Chow Down on Corruption" and Kimberly's doing "Kimberly Tripp Covers Indexes (and Lunch)". Our tables are going to be next to each other so that we can heckle. My table will at least have to make it known that our table title is cleverer than hers.
  • My Wednesday morning Spotlight session on Understanding Logging and Recovery
  • Kimberly's Wednesday afternoon Spotlight session on Covering Indexes
  • Our post-con workshop on Friday

And some parties and other frivolity thrown in.

Hope to see you there!

PS Seems like #sqlpass is the Twitter tag for the conference, prepare to be overwhelmed!

PPS If you're speaking for the first time at PASS, checkout my long Valentine's Day blog post about how to present: Public Speaking: A Primer

One thought on “Busy week coming up at the 2009 PASS Summit

  1. I have to fall on the Sword for Kimberly for the table title, Paul. She gave a list of some possible titles and I took them and melded them into what the current title is. She didn’t argue but her original titles were better, in retrospect.

    Be careful with your table topic. A bunch of RI or Chicago politicians may show up :-)

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