Classes and conferences this year

I have a busy second half of the year planned, with more classes, conferences, and Pluralsight courses coming up!

For classes, I’ll be teaching at or helping out with the following:

  • September 16-20, 2013: Internals and Performance (IE1) in Bellevue (SOLD OUT!)
  • September 23-27, 2013: Performance Tuning (IE2) in Bellevue, WA – USA
  • NEW: September 30-October 2, 2013: Accidental/Junior DBAs (IE0) in Bellevue, WA – USA
  • NEW: September 30-October 3, 2013: Advanced T-SQL (IETS) in Bellevue, WA – USA
  • November 11-15, 2013: Internals and Performance (IE1) in Chicago, IL – USA

And you can get all the details here. I’m very excited about our new courses on Hardware, Accidental/Junior DBA, and Advanced T-SQL!

For conferences, I’ll be at the following:

  • SQLintersection (and Kimberly’s detailed write-up – register with the code SQLskills and get $50 off)
    • Las Vegas, October 27-30
    • Along with Kimberly, Jonathan, and Erin
    • Full-day post-con workshop: POSTCON02: Practical Disaster Recovery Techniques
    • Session: SQL11: Making SQL Server Faster:Part 1 – Simple Things
    • Session: SQL12: Making SQL Server Faster:Part 2 – Not So Simple Things
    • Session: SQL13: Understanding Logging and Recovery
  • PASS Summit
    • Charlotte, October 15-18
    • Along with Kimberly, Jonathan, and Erin
    • Full-day pre-con workshop: Practical Disaster Recovery Techniques
    • Spotlight session: Waits, Latches, and Spinlocks: Internals and Analysis
    • Session: Index Fragmentation: Internals, Analysis, and Solutions

I hope to see you at one or more of the events!

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