Comments are moderated now

Thanks to the attention of some scurrilous parasites, all comments will now be moderated. And to said parasites, please be aware that there's no point spamming my blog with comments linking to your websites as no-one will ever see them now. And I've contacted your hosting companies with your IP addresses, and a copy of each of your hundreds of spams.

Sorry folks – until the spam stops, comments are moderated. If it continues or gets worse, comments will be disabled.


One thought on “Comments are moderated now

  1. I don’t know what kind of plug-ins the blog software you’re using can take, but if it can use plugins, have you looked at akismet? (
    I’ve got that on my blog and so far in 2 years it’s only missed 2 spam comments, the rest (and I get a couple hundred a day sometimes) it catched, quarantines and automatically deletes 2 weeks later.

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