If you're new to the blog then you may not have seen my Search Engine Q&A series (or seen it and not realized what it is). It started out that I was watching the incoming search engine queries that hit the blog and worked out what common questions people were searching for, but then I turned it into a 'what are common problems on the forums that I see'. Anyway, there are a bunch of questions that I've answered that make some interesting reading and touch on some pretty diverse topics. Here they are in chronological order, with links. Don't forget that I fastidiously categorize all posts and you can use the category links on the left hand side of the blog.

  1. Running out of transaction log space – how to tell why your log is growing and two common cases – no log backups and a long-running transaction
  2. Mirroring – how long does it really take to detect a failure with database mirroring and how to combine mirroring and clustering
  3. EMERGENCY mode – how to access a RECOVERY_PENDING or SUSPECT database
  4. Using the undocumented fn_dblog log analysis tool – how to see whether a transaction is contained in a backup
  5. Multi-file backups – how to restore from a backup file containing multiple backups
  6. Updating constraints – how to update the constraints in the partitioning sliding-window scenario
  7. Multi-file databases to avoid contention – for tempdb and for user databases – should you? And the follow-on about the dangers of sweeping generalizations
  8. Backing up a VLDB – whether to split the VLDB into filegroups or smaller databases