Cool free tool to parse and analyze SQLIO results

During every one of our Immersion Events, we designate Thursday evening as 'open mic' night where anyone can do a 15-minute presentation on anything they want (to do with SQL Server) to the class. We usually have 4 or 5 people who entertain us with interesting talks, and our recent classes in Chicago were no different.

One of the talks really impressed me. David Klee (b|t) demonstrated an automated analysis tool he's written for SQLIO result file parsing to save him time. He mentioned he was going to put it online and I encouraged him to do so as I could see the benefit to many people out there of not having to write their own analysis tools/spreadsheets.

You can get to David's free analysis site at Clicking on the link at bottom right allows you to upload a SQLIO results text file. Once you've clicked ANALYZE, select the option to output the results to a spreadsheet and one will be automatically generated for you. If you look in the Analysis pane of the spreadsheet, you'll see something like below (using David's supplied example SQLIO output).

Very cool stuff – thanks David!

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