Cool underwater videos of diving in the Cayman Islands – wrecks, octopus, turtles and more!

A couple of weeks ago, Kimberly and I spent a week on the *excellent* live-aboard dive boat Cayman Aggressor IV, diving off Grand Cayman, Little Cayman, and Cayman Brac in the Caribbean (diving is our #1 hobby and passion). The diving was absolutely fabulous, and we’d both strongly recommend the boat and location. The crew and fellow divers were great folks, which made the trip all the more enjoyable – and we got to meet and hang out with the editor of Sport Diver magazine, Eric Michael, cool guy with a pony-tail :-)

Although Kimberly’s an accomplished underwater photographer, this was the first trip where I dove with my own camera gear and I took a bunch of videos. I’ve uploaded the best videos to YouTube and thought I’d share them with you too.

  1. 2m30s video of me swimming 150 feet through a sunken Russian destroyer off Cayman Brac. See
  2. 45s video of us tickling and stroking one of the large friendly groupers (you’ve got to see this to believe it!). See
  3. 52s video of Kimberly with the friendly grouper. See
  4. 22s video swimming through a school of fish. See
  5. 23s video of swimming through a school of fish. See
  6. 1m45s video of the friendly grouper again. See
  7. 47s video of a turtle swimming underwater. See
  8. 30s video of a squid swimming at night. See
  9. 47s video of octopus swimming at night. See
  10. 31s video of juvenile drumfish dancing. See
  11. 45s video of swimming through a school of fish. See
  12. 43s video of another swimming turtle. See
  13. 34s video of very large tarpin. See
  14. 22s video swimming through the wreck of the Doc Polson tugboat. See

The camera I’m using for now is just a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ5, but it takes great shots and video. We’ve got a pro video camera but the tricked-out housing prices are out of control…

Over the next few weeks we’ll both be uploading a bunch of photos too – but it takes time to mess around with them in Adobe Lightroom, and we took over 4000 shots altogether…

Enjoy the videos!

6 thoughts on “Cool underwater videos of diving in the Cayman Islands – wrecks, octopus, turtles and more!

  1. I envy you guys…. I haven’t gotten to go back to the Cayman’s since I got married (15 years now)….. For 15 year before that I spent a week each year on a dive vacation there. I miss it!

  2. Great videos. Thanks for sharing. Love Lightroom as well… looking forward to seeing the photographs.

  3. Very cool, love marine video! But, not being a diver, why’s it bad form to follow a turtle too long?

  4. @Paul: gotcha. Kinda assumed that with the "don’t touch them" bit. Great shots, thanks again for sharing!

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