Couple of LOB corruption bugs fixed in the latest CUs for 2005

Both 2005 SP3 CU2 and 2005 SP2 CU12 contain fixes for two bugs that cause corruption in LOB data.

The first bug may happen when a column type is converted to varbinary(max), change the large-value-types-out-of-row option to true, insert a row, and then try to update it – described in KB 961648. The second bug may happen when you update an out-of-row LOB value in a database with snapshot isolation enabled – described in KB 962209. Either of these problems will result in a 7105 error:

Msg 7105, Level 22, State 11, Line 1
The Database ID Database ID, Page (N:N), slot N for LOB data type node does not exist. This is usually caused by transactions that can read uncommitted data on a data page. Run DBCC CHECKTABLE.

You can get the fixes at 2005 SP3 CU2 and 2005 SP2 CU12.

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