Database settings survey

We’re doing some research into database settings that people use and the best way to get a good variety of systems is to ask you to send us some data. We’re interested in whether people are using the defaults or changing them in any way. If your’re interested, run this query (in the context of any database, doesn’t matter which) with text output:

SELECT [d].*, [mf].* FROM sys.databases [d]
CROSS APPLY sys.master_files [mf]
WHERE [mf].[database_id] = [d].[database_id];

And send me the results in email by clicking here. Dumping into a .xls works and my email won’t filter it out.

I’ll aggregate the results and post some articles. As payment for your info, if I see anything in your settings that I recommend changing, I’ll let you know.

Thanks in advance for any data you send!

[Edit: PS – of course everything will be totally anonymous and only aggregated data will be discussed on the blog – by all means remove database names if you want]

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