With the class we taught yesterday in Zurich for Microsoft, Kimberly and I have just finished almost three weeks of continuous travelling and presenting at conferences. Now we’re taking some time off to relax and recharge. My blog will be silent until Monday 26th November, when I’ll start posting some cool articles with example scripts showing how to recover from various disasters. Thanks to everyone who’s responded to the last few weeks worth of posts, and to those who’ve sent in questions regarding discussions we had at the various conferences. I will definitely reply to each of them, but it may not be until next week.

If you’re in the US, have a great Thanksgiving! See you soon…

2 thoughts on “Downtime…

  1. Paul,
    You too have wonderful holidays. On side note and I know you left Microsoft but nowadays MS SQLServer support is very unsatisfactory. I am disappointed.
    Anyway you can’t do anything.
    Enjoy your days off!!


  2. I saw you and Kim at the SQL Connections show in Las Vegas. I enjoy your blog posts, I find them informative and concise…even though they are sometimes quite long ;-). I am eagerly anticipating the next one.



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