Ever had poor performance saving files in SSMS over slow network?

I just about beat my fists against my laptop this afternoon while updating a couple of demo scripts for our Performance class in Dallas this week. Well, not quite because I really like my new laptop. But you get the idea.

I'm working over a 3G USB wireless connection and every time I want to save a file, the performance was dire. Opening the Save File As dialog box was fine, but clicking on any directory would take about 10 seconds, with the little disk icon flashing. I thought I remembered a setting that stopped it, but was thinking of the old problem with 2005 SSMS where it tried to connect up to Microsoft whenever it was opened. After searching around on Google for 5 minutes fruitlessly and then posting a question on #sqlhelp on twitter, Kimberly guessed the answer.

SSMS tries to connect to each disconnected network drive in turn, for every click in the Save File As wizard.

How utterly crappy is that? Why on earth would it try to connect to disconnected network drives? They're *DISCONNECTED*!!!!

For the record, Windows Explorer and every other tool I tried does the right thing. Except SSMS. I dug around more extensively on Google and found that other people have experienced the same thing – and only in SSMS.

The only fix is to remove the network drives altogether. Sigh. Sanity restored.

I submitted Connect Item 651176 – please vote for it.

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