Feedback on SQL Connections?

Today’s the final day of SQL Connections proper (tomorrow is post-conference workshops). We’ve really enjoyed the conference (as usual!) and it’s been a blast answering everyone’s questions. We’ll be posting resources over the next week or so (most likely on Kimberly’s blog) and we did a video interview with our good friends Richard and Carl (from DotNetRocks) which should be available for download soon.

We spoke with many conference attendees and one request was the ability to give online feedback. While the conference itself doesn’t have that ability (yet), we’d love to hear any feedback you have about the conference – the good, the bad, and the ugly! As we’re the co-chairs of the SQL conference, all the feedback comes to us anyway, and we’ll pass on any non-SQL feedback to the Connections organizers.

So – send feedback email to me with anything you’d like to share. If it’s about a specific session/speaker/topic, please try to give as much detail as you can. All feedback will be in strictest confidence.


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