Finished my seminal work on DBCC CHECKDB

Wow – that was tough but *very* fulfilling. As you may know, Kimberly and I are each writing chapters for Kalen's next book – SQL Server 2008 Internals. Well, I *just* finished the DBCC CHECKDB chapter – it's 26000 words and 69 pages, describing all the algorithms in-depth and all the corruption errors that can be reported in SQL Server 2008. It was really fun to write but I'm glad all that stuff's down on paper now – I can make room in my head for a bunch of other stuff

I can't wait to see it in print next Spring!

(Ok – with 5 blog posts today, I think I broke my record. Time to retire for the night before I'm tempted to break it even more…)

3 thoughts on “Finished my seminal work on DBCC CHECKDB

  1. Any idea when pre-order for the book will be available? With all three of you in there this is one I definitely want.

    P.S. Really enjoyed your presentation on corruption at PASS. Too bad the session wasn’t a bit longer.

  2. Hey Pam – it’s been available to pre-order for at least a month – I blogged about it a while back. This article has the link in it – click on the book name to go to Amazon.


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