Those nice folks at Pluralsight are offering everyone on the planet a free 24-hour pass to check out all their online courses (more than 400 of them), including all of the ones we’ve recorded. There are no strings attached and no credit-card registration required – they’re just celebrating raising a whopping $27.5 million in investment funding.

BUT you’ve only got until January 31st to take advantage of their offer. This is a really cool deal – just think, you could blaze through a few of our courses one day over a weekend.

Our courses…

We’ve got 13 courses up there, totaling more than 45 hours of training (and more than 25 more planned for 2013):

  • SQL Server: Myths and Misconceptions – see here
  • SQL Server: Transact-SQL Basic Data Modification – see here
  • SQL Server: Transact-SQL Basic Data Retrieval – see here
  • SQL Server: Collecting and Analyzing Trace Data – see here
  • SQL Server: Introduction to Extended Events – see here
  • SQL Server: Performance Troubleshooting Using Wait Statistics – see here
  • SQL Server: Benchmarking and Baselining – see here
  • SQL Server: Deadlock Analysis and Prevention – see here
  • Understanding Server Hardware – see here
  • SQL Server: Logging, Recovery, and the Transaction Log – see here
  • SQL Server: Common Performance Issue Patterns – see here
  • SQL Server 2012: Installation and Configuration – see here
  • SQL Server: Troubleshooting Query Plan Quality Issues – see here

How to register?

You can register for the free pass here. [Edit 4/14/15: as it says above, the offer was only valid in January 2013…]