[Edit 1/1/09] Well, actually its so nice here (St. Lucia) that we're staying on vacation another week – maybe I'll post some stuff next week – maybe…

Well, its the end of another year, and my first complete year outside of Microsoft – and what a busy year it's been. Between the two of us, Kimberly and I flew about 220 thousand miles, visited 8 countries, and presented at 5 conferences. With all the classes, books, articles, whitepapers, user groups, forums, and blogging, it seems like this year's been a blur!

Next year we've got some cool stuff coming up that we're looking forward to (books, broadcasting, and the return of our Immersion events), but for now we're flying out to the sun for a long-awaited and well-deserved vacation (and delayed honeymoon). We'll be totally offline from now until the first week of January, so don't expect any blog posts until then.

Thanks to everyone who reads my blog/articles/whitepapers, attended any of our classes/workshops/conference sessions, or just generally helped me stay enthusiastic about the SQL Server community.

Happy holidays, and I hope that 2009 is successful and corruption-free for you all!