My first magazine article is in print! I’ve taken over the bi-monthly SQL Q&A column for TechNet Magazine and I just received the June magazine in the mail today with my first column in it. Topics covered are:

  • Creating corruption and using page checksums
  • The shrink-grow-shrink-grow trap
  • How many databases can be mirrored per instance
  • A tip on changing the default server port, from Jens Suessmeyer

I’ve also just completed a feature article for either the July or August issue dealing with database maintenance for the ‘involuntary’ DBA – more details when it gets published.

If you don’t get the print version of TechNet Magazine, you can get to this month’s SQL Q&A column at There may not be anything new if you’ve been following my blog for a while, but if you’ve just started, it’s worth a quick look.


PS Let me know if you’ve got any good questions – I’ve already completed the August column but I’d like to hear of any questions you may have for later columns.