It's all very well hearing about how cool our training classes our from *us*, but what do attendees like you think?

I recently did an email interview with Kyle Hayes, a member of the Production DBA Team for Bridgepoint Education. He attended our Immersion Event back in August 2010 in Bellevue, WA.

Here's what Kyle had to say (verbatim with no formatting or other changes):

What attracted you to the training in the first place?

What attracted me to the training was an intense desire to increase my overall knowledge of SQL Server, particularly the area of Query Optimization.  As a new DBA (at the time) and a former Developer my Boss thought it would be beneficial for me to attend.

Now that you're back, does your boss think it was worth sending you to training?

My Boss (who also attended) absolutely thinks it was worth attending.  As I said before, he thought it was very important to help ramp up my skills and comfort level as a DBA and he told me on more than one occasion leading up to the Event, “Kimberly & Paul are two of the best in the world”.

Have there been any moments where you've said, "Ah, I know the answer from training!"

There have been several things that that I have recalled from the training that have been instrumental in helping me solve an issue.  Or at least getting started in the right direction towards resolution.

Do you ever look back at the notes you took during training?

I do refer back to my notes from time to time.  There was so much covered and I would really like to say (one day) that I fully comprehend all of the material.

Which parts of the training have helped you the most since you attended?

The part(s) of the training I found most helpful were Index Maintenance & Logging And Recovery.

What was the biggest surprise about the training?

The biggest surprise for me was how much I got from the experience.  As a new DBA, I was worried I would be ‘lost’ by all of the information.  Not only did learn some new skills, I came away feeling more confident as a DBA, actually looking forward to attacking my daily challenges with broader, sharper Sword and a sense of ‘calm’.  Like Paul had told us on Day 1, Rule no. 1:  “Do NOT panic.”

How was the training different from other training sessions you've attended?

Not really applicable as this was my first.  But I am so glad that it was.  The setting was intimate and Paul & Kimberly were so accommodating and helpful.   

What would you tell other DBAs and developers about this class?

What I would tell others, simply… “GO!  Do not miss this Event.  It’s informative & fun.” 

Thanks Kyle!