New 7.5 hour online course on logging, recovery, and the transaction log

As you know we're recording a lot of content for Pluralsight, and they've just published my latest course today: SQL Server: Logging, Recovery, and the Transaction Log.

This is a carefully structured, 7.5 hour brain dump of everything I know about logging and recovery, which will be useful whether you're a beginner, a seasoned DBA, or you want to delve into more details. The course gives a wealth of practical, applicable knowledge that will help you avoid and recover from transaction log problems.

I can confidently say this is the most comprehensive coverage of logging and recovery that exists in the world today, and there aren't any others by someone who actually wrote code in that portion of the SQL Server Engine.

The course has 37 demos and 194 total recordings, split into the following modules:

  • Introduction
  • Understanding Logging
  • Transaction Log Architecture
  • Log Records
  • Checkpoints
  • Transaction Log Operations
  • Recovery and Crash Recovery
  • Recovery Models and Minimal Logging
  • Transaction Log Provisioning and Management
  • Transaction Log Backups
  • Corruption and Other HA/DR Topics

This means we now have 10 courses from the SQLskills team available on Pluralsight, totaling more than 40 hours of content, with several more coming online before year end and plans for another 25-30+ more courses each year going forward.

With individual subscriptions are low as US$30/month, more than 380 total IT courses, and newly introduced course transcripts and multi-language closed-captioning, Pluralsight is where it's at for online training.

Check out my new course at: SQL Server: Logging, Recovery, and the Transaction Log

I hope you like it!

9 thoughts on “New 7.5 hour online course on logging, recovery, and the transaction log

  1. Thank you Paul. I am looking forward to the additional topics. Until I am able to attend all of the immersion events, these courses are a great filler.


  2. Paul,

    Thanks a lot for the great content. Being in India, I always wondered whether I would ever get a chance to attend one of your courses. Pluralsight makes it possible to attend your courses virtually :)

    Will there be courses dedicated to AlwaysOn, Mirroring, Replication etc in future?

  3. I finally got around to working my way through some of the Pluralsight courses, and just have to say that this one floored me. Fantastic one, Paul – I do hope you have more Pluralsight stuff lined up in this level of detail. (Or deeper: I would have happily sat through another 7 hours!)

    Going through the material at the tempo of the spoken word means that it really sinks in, including consolidating things I thought I knew reasonably well. Thanks so much for doing this.

  4. Hi Paul,

    It seems log buffer for one database may take close to 7 MB of space (128*60 KB= 7680 KB). Is this a in-memory stricture? If I have a SQL Server with 1000 highly active databases, will I need RAM of 7000 MB just for log buffers alone apart from data cache?

    1. Yes and yes. But it’s memory that’s stolen from the buffer pool. It’s highly unlikely that you could support a heavy workload on 1,000 databases on a single server, or even remotely close to that.

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