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At the start of the year I decided to get seriously back into playing with electronics after a long haitus. I agonized about where to blog about all this stuff (as I like to blog a *lot*, as you all well know) and I initially thought it would be cool to have everything intermingled on this blog. Then I started to play and realized that I have a *ton* of stuff I want to blog about around electronics and microcontrollers – photos, videos, code – and that it would really interfere with the purpose of this blog – disseminating SQL Server info. Couple that with the fact that this blog is picked up by lots of SQL Server blog aggregators, and I started to worry that people would get a little miffed by *lots* of non-SQL stuff coming from this blog.

Soooo I decided to create a completely new blog on the site today, with a new 'theme'. I now know lots about CSS style sheets, ASP.NET, IIS, and BlogEngine.Net – probably way more than I really wanted to. But I have a nice shiny new blog dedicated to my electronics adventures. I've deleted the two posts since 1/1/10 about electronics and re-posted on the new blog (sorry to the 3 people who'd commented!). There's a link to the new blog at the top-left of this one – feel free to subscribe, drop in from time to time, or ignore it completely :-) 

You can get to the new blog at Paul's Electronics (in homage to the name of the electronics kit my Dad made me when I was 10).

Normal service will be resumed here very shortly…

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