New course: Index Fragmentation Internals, Analysis, and Solutions

My latest Pluralsight course has been published!

It’s called SQL Server: Index Fragmentation Internals, Analysis, and Solutions and is just over 2.5 hours long.

The modules are:

  • Introduction
  • Index Structure and Index Uses
  • Types of Index Fragmentation
  • Causes of Index Fragmentation
  • Detecting Index Fragmentation
  • Avoiding Index Fragmentation
  • Removing Index Fragmentation

Check it out here.

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4 thoughts on “New course: Index Fragmentation Internals, Analysis, and Solutions

  1. Hey, Paul! Thanks a lot for all the stuff you post out there for free.
    I have implemented many cool things based on your posts and experiments.
    Now there is one question i cannot find an answer to: sometimes I see indexes with a lot of free space on pages like 40-60%. this is bad, I know, as it leads us to wasted space on disks and in Ram. But ‘smart’ reindex scripts (like Ola Hallengren’s) do not address avg_page_space_used_in_percent, they address avg_fragmentation_in_percent. But fragmentation there is ok (like 5-10%) and a lot of free space. So the question is – should I write my own script (or are there any?) to take emty space on pages into account and how to do that correctly (as scanning everythin will take ages)?
    I will really appreciate your professional answer. I couldn’t find one anywhere or even at…

      1. Thanks a lot!!! But one part of the question is still confusing to me. If I scan the entire dataase to find empty space it will probably cost me much than just leave it as it is… Are there workarounds?

        1. Scan – do you mean running the DMV? That’s a tiny cost compared to the potential ongoing problems from having all the wasted space. But it’s up to you.

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