New online course on communication skills

My latest online training course was published by Pluralsight on Friday: Communications: How to Talk, Write, Present, and Get Ahead!

The course is 2.5 hours long and draws on my extensive experience communicating and mentoring people on how to communicate more effectively. It’s aimed at everyone who needs to communicate, no matter which industry they work in, and gives plenty of real-life examples.

The course description:

Communicating effectively is one of the most essential aspects of your job, and is the key to progressing in your career. But how do you do it? Most companies do not provide training on how to communicate so this course fills that gap for you.

Firstly you’ll learn the foundational skills necessary for any form of communication. Then you’ll learn the art of running a successful meeting, along with how to handle some specific meeting scenarios like code reviews and 1-1s. You’ll learn how to write effectively, whether emails, articles, or reports, and how to start and maintain a popular blog. Then you’ll move on to planning and writing a presentation, including how to pick a topic, formulate an effective slide-deck template, and write the presentation content, all depending on what type of presentation it is. Finally, you’ll learn how deliver a top-notch presentation, including preparation, managing nerves, and a whole raft of tips and tricks on what to do and what not to do.

In today’s busy work environment you can’t afford to have sub-standard communication skills or you’ll be left behind – but if you watch this course and practice what you learn in it, you’ll boost your skills and start to get ahead! This course is perfect for anyone working in the I.T. industry, with any amount of technical experience and communication skills.

The modules are:

  1. Introduction and Why Communication Skills are Important
  2. Skills Necessary for Good Communications
  3. Meetings
  4. Writing (with a special emphasis on blogging)
  5. Writing a Presentation
  6. Delivering a Presentation

I hope you enjoy it and it helps you progress in your career!

PS Check out the full line-up of our online training courses here.

6 thoughts on “New online course on communication skills

  1. Hi Paul,

    I was wondering if you have ever come across “The Presentation Coach: Bare knuckle brilliance for every presenter”

    I read it as a precurosr to my current job and would love to hear your thoughts on some of the methodology.

    He’s rather uncomplementary about the “Tell em what you’re going to tell em, tell em, and tell em what you told em” approach.

    1. Nope – not one I’ve seen.

      Yup – every facet of presenting has a variety of ways of doing it, with proponents and detractors of each. My advice is just what I’ve seen work for me and others :-)

      1. Thanks Paul,
        Personally I like the Agenda, content, summary approach as it helps to set expectations as you pointed out in the course.

        You mentioned the r400, can you tell me if that uses the shared logitech USB dongle?
        I already have a logitech wireless mouse and it would be handy if they could use the same dongle.

        Then I could have my Targus as a spare.


  2. Thanks for creating this course, sir. I believe that IT professionals – developers, DBAs, sysadmin, etc. – need to develop their communication skills side-by-side with their technical skills. In this day and age of globalization, communication seems to be the link that either makes or breaks an individual, a project or even an organization.

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