One year on…

Well, it’s been a year since I left Microsoft (8/31/07) to join Kimberly running – and what a blast it’s been!

From 8/31/07 to 8/31/08 I’ve:

  • Had one front-page article in TechNet Magazine
  • Written two whitepapers
  • Presented at 4 conferences
  • Taught in 5 countries outside the US
  • Taken 39 flights (still 18 more to go in 2008…)
  • Posted 182 blog posts
  • Had more than a million hits on my blog!! (actually way more… 1,305,717)

The last one’s awesome – I love blogging stuff and it’s really cool that so many people read what I write. Thank you all for all your comments and support over the year. I wonder how many of those numbers I can better over the next year?


2 thoughts on “One year on…

  1. Paul,
    I asure you that I keep reading your blog and spread word about it. Thanks for all the information you give free of the cost. Congratulation for 1 million admirer all around the world!!! keep the good work going …

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