OT Survey: internet browsers and mail readers

This survey is off-topic and was suggested by Justin Dearing (blog|twitter) and I'm curious about the results too so I agreed to run it.

We're interested to see what internet browsers are most commonly used my members of the database community, along with which email clients. People are often fanatic about one browser/client or another and vehemently opposed to using others (I detest Outlook, for instance, and was overjoyed to be freed from it when I left Microsoft 4 years ago). Consider whatever is your primary machine and answer for that. If you want to answer multiple times, you'll need to do so from different machines so the survey site doesn't recognize you.

I'll report on the results in a couple of weeks or so.


PS No, I'm not changing which survey provider I use, and if you don't like the choices in the survey, that's unfortunate :-)

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