Paul and Kimberly interview from MVP Summit

For about 6 months we'd bee trying to hook up online with SharePoint MVP Hilton Geisenow for an interview but unfortunately the bandwidth to South Africa is pretty limited so we decided to wait until the recent MVP Summit in Redmond, WA. We managed to hook up and record an interview for Hilton and he's just published it as part of his SharePoint podcast The MOSS Show.

The interview is around 45 minutes (we unfortunately lost the intro section due to a technical hitch, but repeated all the technical goodness) and we cover issues that you'll see with SharePoint's use of SQL Server, how to maintain databases if you're an involuntary DBA (which many SharePoint admins are forced to become) and debunk some myths along the way. Although the interview is focusing on SharePoint, everything we say is relevant to DBAs of regular relational SQL Servers.

You can listen to the interview or download it at: Episode 21 – Diving Into SQL Server With Paul Randal & Kim Tripp.


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