A couple of weeks ago while Kimberly was in Mountain View at the same client I'm at, our good friend Richard Campbell sent me email saying 'Bored? How about doing a .NET Rocks!?'. I haven't been on the show since the infamous 'coming out' episode in 2007 where we hijacked Kimberly and mercilessly taunted her about us being together (Carl: So… when was the last time you made… 'whoopie'? Me: Is that some kind of Jello?). See show #217 for that one.

Anyway, in this show we talk about what developers need to know about how SQL Server behaves and for once we actually focus on the content (GUIDs, LOB storage, SharePoint, performance tuning, backups, and of course Lego) and don't devolve into madness and crudity (well, except maybe for a little bit at the end).

Check it out – show #455. Enjoy!