Paul Randal awarded SQL Server MVP for 2008


(And this isn’t an April Fool…) I’m very pleased to announce that I’ve been made a SQL Server MVP for 2008. For the eight years or so before leaving the SQL team last August, I was involved a lot with the SQL Server MVPs. It’s going to be *really* interesting being on the ‘other side of the fence’ in the MVP community and be part of the group providing the product feedback instead of the group receiving the product feedback!

As the MVP award is based on community participation, I have to thank all of those who read my blog posts, and those who post questions on the various forums and websites I post on – keep’em coming!


9 thoughts on “Paul Randal awarded SQL Server MVP for 2008

  1. Congrats Paul! You might be the only MVP with a patent?

    Now, are you ready for the MVP hazing and night of drinking? Oh, wait – you’re Scottish. You were born ready!



  2. So, all that money spent on your education and all the deprivation we suffered to get you through school has at last proved worthwhile. We are not worthy…….. ( your humble parents )

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