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Back in May when we were out in Chicago teaching one of our classes we had a spare day so we drove an hour west into the Illinois countryside to the absolutely excellent Illinois Railway Museum.

I've always been a big train fan, stemming from the days back in the early '80s when I used to take the train back and forth to Glasgow every day on the way to school. I think many people are really little boys at heart when it comes to trains – trains never lose their excitement.

We spent about 1/2 a day wandering around their huge collection and chatting with some of the volunteers responsible for maintaining the rolling stock and engines. Of course I took a whole bunch of photos and I'm sure many of you will enjoy them.

Click on the photos for a 1024×768 enlargement.









3 thoughts on “Photos: Illinois Railway Museum

  1. Awesome photos! I just got back from vacation, part of which involved driving through the old coal and steel country in Pennsylvania, quite a railfan scene there. I grew up in Buffalo in the 1980s when Conrail Geeps and SDs were abundant. It was what inspired my interest in model railroading. Seeing those bright blue locomotives again after living out West all these years was quite a thrill.

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