Presenting for PASS DBA virtual chapter June 9th

Next Wednesday, June 9th, I'll be presenting at the monthly meeting of the PASS DBA virtual chapter.

The Live Meeting starts at 11am PST and lasts for an hour (hopefully I can try to speak for that short a length of time :-)

Title: Building the Right Backup Strategy

Abstract: In many situations, database backups are critical for recovering from a disaster, but there are lots of misconceptions about how backups work and what a good backup strategy is. The purpose of taking backups is, of course, to be able to restore them at some point – but that can sometimes be easier said than done, depending on what you want to be able to restore. In this in-depth session, Paul will explain how the three most common types of backups work and how they can be combined into an effective backup strategy. Paul will also cover how restore works, the three recovery options for restoring a backup, and some useful examples. You don't want to find out that your backups are unusable when disaster strikes – this session provides the knowledge you need to make sure you can recover. (Paul recommends that you read through the "Understanding Logging and Recovery in SQL Server" Technet Magazine article – February 2009 before watching this talk.)

This is going to be a fast-paced talk – maybe you'll want to play it back at 1/2 speed later :-) 

The attendee URL is

There will be a door prize for registered attendees (a $50 Amazon voucher) and you must be registered via no later than 5pm EST on June 8th to be eligible for the prize.

Hope you can join me!

PS Don't forget to checkout the various classes coming up in London, Dublin, and the US – see for details.

One thought on “Presenting for PASS DBA virtual chapter June 9th

  1. This looks great. As a newbie, I know I need to back up but don’t really know how other than pushing the ‘backup’ button.

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