Kimberly and I will be teaching a week-long public Immersion Event in Dublin, September 21-25, in partnership with our good friends at Prodata and Microsoft Ireland.

The class will cover:

  • Day 1: SQL Server Internals (On-disk structures, index internals, logging, recovery, transaction log architecture)
  • Day 2: Designing for Performance (data types, table and index partitioning)
  • Day 3: Indexing for Performance (Access patterns, covering, INCLUDE, indexing strategies)
  • Day 4: Essential Database Maintenance (data and log files, tempdb, index and statistics maintenance, backup and restore)
  • Day 5.1: Essential Database Maintenance (consistency checking and disaster recovery)
  • Day 5.2: SQL Consolidation and Virtualization

This is going to be a great workshop where we combine the best of all our various classes into a superb learning opportunity.

Checkout the registration site for more in-depth details about the content, location, and cost.

Hope to see you there!