Public SQL Server Immersion Event in Dublin in September

Kimberly and I will be teaching a week-long public Immersion Event in Dublin, September 21-25, in partnership with our good friends at Prodata and Microsoft Ireland.

The class will cover:

  • Day 1: SQL Server Internals (On-disk structures, index internals, logging, recovery, transaction log architecture)
  • Day 2: Designing for Performance (data types, table and index partitioning)
  • Day 3: Indexing for Performance (Access patterns, covering, INCLUDE, indexing strategies)
  • Day 4: Essential Database Maintenance (data and log files, tempdb, index and statistics maintenance, backup and restore)
  • Day 5.1: Essential Database Maintenance (consistency checking and disaster recovery)
  • Day 5.2: SQL Consolidation and Virtualization

This is going to be a great workshop where we combine the best of all our various classes into a superb learning opportunity.

Checkout the registration site for more in-depth details about the content, location, and cost.

Hope to see you there!

2 thoughts on “Public SQL Server Immersion Event in Dublin in September

  1. Hey Paul, will there be a week long Immersion Event in the US some time? Just found the site recently and curious if there is one in the US in late 09, or Early 10 or is this a one time dealio

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