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Okay, this post is describing some new services we provide (we are a consulting firm after all :-), but there's a promotion at the bottom where you can save $$$ on one of the new services.

We're starting to offer a set of standalone auditing services that we can perform remotely, greatly reducing the cost of having someone come on-site to evaluate your SQL Server environment. The new standalone audit services we are providing are:

  • Database maintenance and operations audit of your SQL Server environment
  • Disaster recovery and high-availability audit of your SQL Server environment

The remote audits take the form of us giving you some non-intrusive scripts to run on each server, plus a detailed questionnaire to fill in. We analyze the results and send you a list of recommendations, with supporting explanations and links to deeper information.

As part of a regular remote consulting engagement, we'd also be engaging with the DBA team through web-meetings, phone calls, email conversations to undertake performance tuning, design work, and so on. However, many people just want to buy a small, limited block of time to run a quick audit and get the OK or a set of changes to implement to improve operations – this is where the standalone audits come in.

The standalone audit services we offer take a much shorter time (depending on environment size) than a regular consulting engagement, as they don't involve web-meetings and in-depth interaction with the DBA team, so they're a lot more cost-effective when on a tight budget. Of course, we also provide remote performance tuning, available in small blocks of time rather than an open-ended engagement, and the traditional 'figure out all sorts of problems' consulting engagements.

These audits are usually billed at our regular offsite consulting rate, but as an initial promotion I'll perform a database maintenance audit for $500 to the first 10 new customers who sign up before the end of January, limited to 4 hours of my time (a 50% saving over our regular rates).

Shoot me an email (through the contact button at the top of the page) if you're interested in any of these services and/or want to be one of the lucky few to take part in the promotion.

We look forward to working with you!

2 thoughts on “Remote DB maintenance auditing promotion

  1. Any report sample ?
    Will it be much different than a Microsoft SQLRAP ? Looks like they launch a script that generate the report and even powerpoint auto…Still requesting a lot of money to run it !


  2. The reports are all custom Word docs written by me based on the results. I’ve advised the MS folks on what to include in the SQLRAP – I had a few of them in the last Microsoft Certified Masters – SQL Server class I taught in October.

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