RSS feed refresh – please back off a bit (Brazil and Korea)

Fixed now – thanks so much!

Folks – a couple of people have setup their systems to refresh *all* our category feeds every five minutes – this is putting an undue load on our server (and screws up our server stats). I know I post a lot but not *that* often. I’ve WHOIS’d the IP addresses – one person is in Brazil and another in Korea – I can’t limit how often you do this but I can ban your ISP’s IP addresses if you continue to put this load on us – which I don’t want to do. Please change your refresh rate to be 60 minutes or just subscribe to a whole blog feed rather than all the category feeds.


2 thoughts on “RSS feed refresh – please back off a bit (Brazil and Korea)

  1. I’m writing to apologize for damage to your blog.
    I think, It’s my mistake.
    This glitch has now been fixed and the problem should not recur.

    I’m so sorry.

    have a nice day.

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